Wager on boundless games with iBet live betting

Several traditional and eSport live betting opportunities – making it a bettor’s paradise

Understanding the basics of live betting

In-play betting or live betting, a bookie lets players wager on an ongoing game, focusing on the final score of the match. Players then place their bet, and the stake is added to the bet slip. The odds are multiplied by the stake to determine the amount to be won should the result tally with the bet placed. The gamer has the option of locking in the wager as long as the game is ongoing.


Sports worth staking your live bet on

Bettors can find sports betting just as thrilling as in the live stadium, watching the game unfold. iBet gamers have the option of wagering on traditional or electronic sports from the most significant leagues and global tournaments.


Wager on well-known traditional sports

Traditional games are the typical games you would find in a land bookie. These games include football, cricket, boxing, ice hockey, and tennis. They typically have games running through the year.

Participate in worldwide eSports tournaments

Electronic sports or eSports are video games played globally between different groups or individuals. Players can bet on live eSports in tournaments such as Dota, LOL, Counter Strike GO, and Valorant.


How live odds are determined

Depending on the progression of the game, live odds will change accordingly. Canadian betting odds follow the decimal system where the probability of the event occurring is equated in decimal such as 3.50. The shift in odds based on the trend of the game is calculated using automated algorithms. The algorithm will determine the live game betting odds once the sporting event begins.

Why you should consider live betting

Live gambling can offer players the flexibility to see the game evolve and adjust their bets accordingly. Bettors can also jump in and wager, unlike pre-match bets that require bettors to stake on the match before it begins. Players can also cash in their winnings without waiting for the game to come to an end.


Live betting strategies tried and tested by professionals

Although live betting could be unpredictable, having several helpful tactics under your belt will come in handy and increase your chances of becoming a veteran bettor.

Keep your eyes on the game

An unforeseen event in the game could change the odds in an instant. Stay focused on the game at hand and track one bet at a time, so you have the full attention on the bet.

Bet on games you are well conversant in

Betting on a sport that you have a deeper understanding of the game, the players, and the team puts you at an advantage. This information comes in handy when you place a bet since you understand every match aspect.

Have a reliable streaming service

Get the most reliable live stream of the match, so you are up to date with the game’s outcomes as they happen. Having the data in real-time allows you to make informed decisions on your wager.


Live betting enabled on mobile

iBet players can enjoy the same live betting features found on the PC version from their mobile devices. The iBet bonus offers synonymous with live betting, such as risk-free bets can also be accessed and used via mobile. Mobile bettors do not need to download an app since the user-friendly mobile site supports Android and iOs devices.

Live betting demystified

  • How does live betting differ from pre-match betting?

    Pre-match bets are placed and wagers locked before a game begins. In contrast, in-game bets are locked in once the game has already started and odds displayed after a minute of the match commencing.

  • I made a mistake. Can I change my live bet?

    Unfortunately, the bet cannot be altered once the odds are locked in. However, before placing your bet, you can adjust the bet details on the bet slip to your liking. Confirm the stake you want to put before finalizing the stake.

  • Is it legal to live bet on iBet?

    Yes. Live gambling is legal in Canada, provided the bookmaker is regulated. iBet Canada complies with the gambling laws that allow for the hosting of live bets. iBet is also licensed and structured under the Malta Gaming Authority guidelines.

  • Do live bets only apply to sports events?

    No. Live bets are not limited to games. Players can wager on events during the game, such as a red card being issued or a foul during the first half. Bettors can also have the opportunity to bet on events outside sport, such as the election outcome.

  • Are eSports worth betting on?

    Absolutely. This sports group is growing exponentially every year and is an excellent opportunity to use the quickly rising betting phenomenon. Over 234 million eSports fanatics are bound to wager on the team they support the most.